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As you consider whether a medical discount plan is a good fit for your situation, you may wonder what would happen if you found yourself needing hospital benefits. While it’s easy to understand how such a plan would help you save money on prescription drugs and doctors visits, you might wonder how your discount health plan could help in more severe situations.

Discount Health Plans Hospital Benefits

A medical discount plan is not the same as insurance. However, if you have recently shopped around in the health insurance marketplace, you may have concluded that health insurance coverage is not an affordable option for you. So, instead of purchasing health insurance, here are some benefits you could receive by buying a medical discount card.

Bill Negotiator for Medical Services

Some discount plans include a patient advocate, who works with hospitals and healthcare services providers to help reduce the patient’s out-of-pocket portion of medical bills. To receive these services, the member’s out of pocket costs must exceed $1,500, which is an amount easy to reach during a hospital stay.

Shop Around for Surgery

Medical costs vary depending on the facility. Another benefit of paying for a health discount plan is that your medical advisor will shop around for the best price for high-quality health services. Imagine if your medical discount plan could save you thousands on your medical services – with no waiting period. Wouldn’t that be worth paying a low monthly fee for a health benefit plan?

Provide Access to Savings Advisors

Being a member of a medical discount program gives you someone to turn to for all your questions about healthcare costs. For example, you could receive cost estimates for all health care services, including surgeries, visits with physical therapists, lab and imaging service, chiropractic care, and dental care. You could also learn how government programs like Medicare and Medicaid work. (Learn how medical discount plans can help seniors obtain additional savings at the dentist by reading this article from Seniors Matter.)

Access to Telehealth Service

Have you ever had a health concern in the middle of the night? Medical discount plans sometimes offer discounted paid telehealth services, which can save you a trip to the emergency room when your doctor’s office is closed. Instead, receive around-the-clock access to physicians by phone or email. In addition, because an insurance card is not required for telehealth visits, there’s no insurance paperwork to file or no deductible to meet.

AmeriPlan Discount Plans Are an Alternative to High Cost Health Insurance

AmeriPlan is not a health insurance company. Instead, we offer medical discounts to our members on health coverage, prescription medications, and reduced rates on dental work. We can be used in conjunction with your insurance plan. Our discount cards can also help our customers who find they need surgery or hospitalization.

Visit the AmeriPlan website for more information on how to receive discounted health care rates (and discounts on your prescriptions) when you pay out of pocket.

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By Published On: August 2nd, 2022Categories: Hospital Care, Medical Discount

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