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Even though Americans love their healthcare workers, many are frustrated by the healthcare industry. Health insurance is so expensive, but without it, even the most basic medical services and prescription drugs are sometimes unaffordable.

Today, we would like to tell you about an alternative way to pay for healthcare – the medical discount card.

Frequently Asked Questions About Discount Medical Cards

The idea of a medical discount card may be new to you. Here’s what you need to know about this type of medical discount plan that may help you save money on healthcare costs.

What is a medical discount card?

You will receive a medical discount card when signing up to be a member of a health benefit plan. Unlike health insurance, which can cost over one thousand dollars a month for a family, medical discount cards are affordable for almost everyone.

How do medical discount cards work?

Individuals or families purchase a discount medical card, which is more affordable than most insurance plans. Then, when someone in the household needs health care services, they visit certain health care providers who accept the drug discount card.

The healthcare providers agree to offer a discount for their services to cardholders. The cardholders pay the medical providers directly at the time of the visit for the services provided.

Where can you use a medical discount card?

You can use a medical discount card at participating health care providers and pharmacies. The card entitles you to discounted rates for some services, plus other benefits.

How do you use a medical discount card?

Present your membership ID card to a participating healthcare provider to receive your discount. You pay the provider at the time of service.

What are the benefits of medical discount cards?

Medical discount cards entitle you to discounts on services if you use a medical provider who participates in the plan. Your medical discount card could allow you to receive discounted rates at the dentist, eye doctor, chiropractor, and more.

Do discount medical cards work for prescription medications?

Yes, some healthcare discount cards also include drug discount programs, such as the GoodRX card. Cardholders simply present the card at participating pharmacies to receive instant savings on their prescription drug.

In fact, some patients with a health insurance plan may pay more for their medications than those with a prescription discount card. This means that people with health insurance may benefit from purchasing pharmacy discount cards.

How do healthcare providers benefit by partnering with discount card organizations?

Paying with a discount card doesn’t mean that your doctor will make less money. In fact, healthcare providers appreciate receiving immediate payment for services. They also appreciate not spending time and money filing complicated and time-consuming insurance claims.

What if I have a preexisting condition?

Anyone can purchase prescription discount cards. Unlike insurance companies, medical discount card companies will accept you even if you currently have medical or dental problems that need immediate treatment. The only exception is if the cardholder has orthodontic treatment in progress.

Of course, emergency situations may complicate matters. So you’ll need to look into the details of your plan to learn more about ER visits and hospital stays.

How much are healthcare discount cards?

Telehealth discount cards are available for as little as $9.95 per month (which covers the entire household!). For this low price, cardholders can access healthcare professionals by phone seven days a week and receive discounts on prescription drugs.

Can I get a medical service discount card for vision, dental, and prescription drug services?

Yes! Perhaps your employer provides you with medical insurance benefits, but that coverage doesn’t include visits to the eye doctor or dentist. If this describes your situation, a discount medical card may be your best savings option.

How do you obtain a medical discount card?

To learn more about obtaining a medical discount card, fill out this contact form. There’s no waiting period to receive many of the discounts.

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