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If you are researching prescription discount cards, you probably already have experienced the high cost of prescription medications. We want to help you learn how to save money on these necessary health care costs.

Many of you know to ask your doctor for a generic drug instead of a brand-name one. You may also know to ask if a mail-order program will help you save money on your needed medications. However, there is another way you can save on your high blood pressure medication or the new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis that your doctor wants you to try.

Let’s learn about prescription discount cards. We will tell you how these discount cards can help you save money on your prescription medication – whether you have health insurance with a drug plan or not.

How can I receive a discount on my prescription drugs?

One way to receive a prescription discount card is to sign up for a health benefit plan, such as one offered by AmeriPlan. All three of the plans offered come with a discount on prescription drugs – including diabetic supplies.

Here’s how you enroll to receive your discounts.

Step 1: Choose a plan that works for your household.

AmeriPlan’s discount health plan is not a health insurance plan. Instead, AmeriPlan has formed a relationship with thousands of health service professionals across the country who have agreed to work at a discounted rate in return for not having to work with insurance companies.

AmeriPlan has tens of thousands of medical practitioners in the network, more than 100,000 dentists, and 12,000 vision care providers. Each plan member also receives discounts at approximately 50,000 pharmacies across the country.

Once you have signed up to save money on your healthcare costs by enrolling with AmeriPlan, you can immediately begin to receive discounts at specific pharmacies in your area. Simply present the temporary prescription discount card you received through your email at the time of purchase (or the permanent card that arrives in the mail within 10 to 14 days.)

Step 2: Talk with the pharmacy staff about your purchase.

When you purchase a membership with AmeriPlan, you can use your prescription drug discount card at participating pharmacies. However, this plan is only for those paying cash for their medications. It can’t be used with your insurance plan, copay savings plan, or other discount prescription card.

In some cases, those using the pharmacy discount card with their AmeriPlan subscription will help them save more on their medications than those using insurance. Talk with your pharmacist to learn the best method to pay for your name-brand or generic drugs.

Step 3: Pay for your prescription medications in cash (or debit/credit card.)

If you determined that the best way to save money on your medication is by using the prescription discount card with your AmeriPlan membership, you would simply pay cash for your prescription. You or the pharmacist won’t have to fill out any forms, and the pharmacy won’t have to wait to get paid by the insurance company. Instead, the transaction will be complete.

One note that might be helpful to those with medical insurance is that using a prescription discount card with your AmeriPlan membership may save money. However, those out-of-pocket costs will not count toward your insurance deductible.

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By Published On: July 11th, 2022Categories: Prescriptions

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