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Can’t afford health insurance yet? Then it’s time to explore health benefit plan benefits.

If you are relatively healthy, you may have had few experiences with health plans and health insurance

However, you likely know health insurance is expensive – even following the Affordable Care Act. And you know that not everyone qualifies for government programs such as Medicaid or Medicare Advantage. 

The good news is that there is another option to make health care more affordable – a health benefit plan. Here’s a general description of this type of medical discount plan

What is a health benefit plan?

A health benefit plan is not insurance. Instead, a health benefit plan is a subscription program that allows you to receive discounts on medical treatments, supplies, and prescriptions – as long as you work with participating providers within the network.

Are you intrigued by this idea? Then, let’s learn about the benefits of this alternative to health insurance.

Health Benefit Plan Benefits

Are you ready to learn more about health benefit plans? Here are the benefits.

Health benefit health plans are affordable.

For less than $40 per month, you will receive a member ID card that gives you discounts on medical services. Again, health benefit plans are different from health insurance. But if you don’t have health insurance coverage, this is one way to make healthcare more affordable for you and your family. 

Regardless of your current health situation, you pay one low rate for a health benefit plan.

And you won’t have to take a physical to be eligible to purchase a health plan membership. (And there’s no waiting period!)

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All members of your household will have access to the discounts.

Even if you have health insurance through your employer, the non-familial people in your household may not be covered by your plan. However, when you purchase a medical discount plan, everyone in your household can access the benefits – including telehealth services.

Health benefit plans help you save money on prescription drugs. 

If you are trying to find a way to save money on high-cost prescription drugs, consider signing up for a health benefit plan. And everyone in your household has access to this drug discount – not just your dependents.

Health benefit plans also offer discounts for eye doctor and dentist visits.

Typically, vision and dental insurance are separate from health insurance. However, if you purchase a medical discount plan, you may receive discounts at your local dentist and eye doctor – as long as these offices participate in the program. 

Can’t Afford Health Insurance? Purchase a Medical Discount Plan Through AmeriPlan

There are health benefits to having regular checkups. Don’t miss out on preventative health care because you can’t afford health insurance. Instead, make health care access more affordable by purchasing a medical discount plan. 

Check out the three options offered by AmeriPlan. AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus even saves you money on chiropractic and lab services. 

Key Takeaways

  • Health benefit plans are not health insurance. However, they allow you to save money on healthcare services. 
  • Health benefit plans are affordable.
  • You can receive immediate access to discounts when you purchase a medical discount plan – regardless of your current health situation. 
  • All members of your household will have access to discounts on health services and prescription drugs.
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By Published On: April 13th, 2023Categories: Medical Discount

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