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If your budget is tight and you struggle to pay your monthly bills, you are probably interested in learning how to save on medical bills. Here are some ideas and resources to help you lower your medical expenses – whether you have health insurance or not.

Ways to Save on Medical Expenses

You may have seen headlines that declare that “healthcare costs are through the roof.” However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to decrease the money you spend on healthcare. Here are some ways to cut your family’s health care costs.

Live a healthy lifestyle.

One way you might be able to cut medical costs is to live a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking and drinking. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. We know that this won’t eliminate your need for medical care. However, it may help.

Enroll in a health benefit plan.

Are you one of the 58 million Americans with no health insurance? A health benefit plan is an affordable way to save on medical bills. Here’s how it works.

For a low monthly rate, your entire household will receive the following benefits:

  • Save on Prescription Drugs – You can save on both name brand drugs and generic drugs by shopping at specific local pharmacies. (You can also consult the pharmacist if you have questions about your prescriptions.)
  • Receive Access to Doctors via Telehealth – This benefit is especially beneficial for new parents who may not know when is the right time to seek medical treatment.
  • Receive Help Before (and After) Hospital Stays – Not all hospitals charge the same for each procedure. As a health benefit plan member, you can receive hospital assistance from an advisor who will compare prices at several facilities. Such advisors can also provide alternative medicine options and health cost estimates.
  • Cut Costs for Dental Visits and Procedures – Even if you have health insurance, your insurance provider probably does not cover visits to the dentist. With the help of your health benefit plan, you can find a provider who agrees to see patients at a discounted rate – as long as they pay in cash at the time of the service.
  • Pay a Fixed Amount for Trips to the Eye Doctor – Do you think it’s strange that your insurance company doesn’t cover visits to the eye doctor? Whether you have an insurance plan or not, enrolling in a health benefit plan will help you save on out of pocket expenses when buying frames and lenses.
  • Avoid Unexpected Costs for Ancillary Medical Services – By working with specific providers, you can pay a specific amount for diagnostic imaging and radiology. You can also receive discounts on lab services.
  • Lower Your Chiropractic Bill – A visit to the chiropractor doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. One of the benefits of a medical benefit plan is that consumers can pay a negotiated rate for many services at some area chiropractic offices.

Utilize a flexible spending account.

A flex spending account is a special account you use to pay for certain medical costs and doctors fees. You don’t pay taxes on this money, and this benefit is available whether or not you have health insurance.

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By Published On: August 29th, 2022Categories: Medical Discount

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