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Discount healthcare plans have received some bad press. We want to take this opportunity to remind our clients of the truth about medical discount plans. Below, we will present discount healthcare plan myths.

Myth #1: Medical discount plans masquerade as health insurance.

Companies may need to be more transparent about the services they provide consumers. However, top-tier medical discount plans are clear that their programs are alternatives to high-priced health insurance.

In fact, the name – medical discount plan – precisely details the goal of such programs – to provide discounts on healthcare costs. This is not the goal of an insurance company. 

Truth: Discount plans have different goals than health insurance plans. If a medical discount plan company presents itself as a health insurance provider, contact your state insurance commissioner or Better Business Bureau.

Myth #2: Medical discount plans can’t be used if you have health insurance. 

Again, medical discount plans and health insurance plans are different. If you have health insurance, you should not cancel your coverage when signing up for a medical discount plan.

Some people with health insurance feel that there’s a financial incentive to use discount plans in conjunction with their health insurance. 

For example, you may have purchased a high-deductible health insurance plan to reduce monthly costs. You may never meet your deductible if you and your family members are relatively healthy. 

If this describes your situation, you may save on healthcare costs by paying for the discounted medical service in cash – instead of having the full price for the service and having it go toward your deductible that you never meet. 

Truth: Some people with high deductible health insurance plans may save money by paying for the discounted medical service in cash at the time of the service.

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Myth #3: Medical discount plans do not offer any health care services.

The primary goal of a medical discount plan is to help people save money on health care costs – as long as they use participating providers. However, the benefits of such companies may vary. Some offer telehealth services as a simple, affordable complement to everyday healthcare needs. 

For example, AmeriPlan’s Telehealth Plus plan allows you to connect with U.S. board-certified doctors by phone – seven days a week for $35 or less per call. The network physician will review your medical questions, diagnose your condition, recommend treatment, and, if medically necessary, write you a prescription. 

While it’s true that most discount plans and health insurance companies do not offer any health care services – AmeriPlan does.

Truth: AmeriPlan’s Telehealth Plus plan provides access to healthcare professionals – without having to leave your home.

Myth #4: Medical discount plans cost thousands per year.

Be wary of medical discount plans that charge thousands of dollars for their program. (If you have thousands of dollars to spend on healthcare, purchase an insurance plan from the marketplace.) 

The benefit of working with a company offering medical discount plans is that the monthly fees are affordable – and such programs offer legitimate discounts on drug costs, dental visits, blood work, and more.

Truth: AmeriPlan offers three affordable options. Your entire household could benefit from the plan for less than $39.95 per month. 

Read the Fine Print When Signing Up for a Medical Discount Plan

Unfortunately, there are a lot of false claims about health discount plans. Ensure you have all the facts by reading the fine print of every program before signing up for services. 

AmeriPlan welcomes your scrutiny. We have nothing to hide. We state clearly that our medical discount plan is NOT the same as a health insurance plan. But, by signing up for our program, you can save money on prescription drugs and healthcare services for your entire household.

Learn more about the AmeriPlan programs by filling out the contact form on our website.

Key Takeaways About Discount Healthcare Plan Myths

  • Medical discount plans are not the same as health insurance.
  • You can be enrolled in a health insurance plan and medical discount plan simultaneously.
  • Some medical discount plans offer medical services.
  • Medical discount plans should be affordable.
  • Read the fine print before signing up for a medical discount plan.
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By Published On: November 11th, 2023Categories: Medical Discount

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