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We know that combining the words “discount” and “health” may cause alarm. After all, you only have one body and want the best health care available to maintain your good health. However, a discount health membership plan can help you get the care you need – while reducing out-of-pocket costs. Here’s how to choose a health benefit plan to help the people in your household.

Health Insurance Plans vs Health Benefit Plans

Knowing the ins and outs of health insurance plans and health benefit plans can help you make an informed decision for your household. We’ll walk through the key differences and what each plan covers.

Health Insurance Plans

A health insurance plan covers various medical expenses, including:

  • Doctor visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Prescription medications
  • Preventive care
  • Other healthcare services

Health insurance plans vary widely in terms of coverage, cost, and the types of services covered. Health insurance aims to help individuals manage the financial risk associated with medical expenses by spreading the cost across a larger pool of insured individuals.

Health Benefit Plans

A health benefit plan, on the other hand, does not pay for any medical expenses. Instead, members (typically those without health insurance or people with high-deductible plans) have access to discounts for medical services and prescription medicine – as long as they pay for these services when they receive them.

While health insurance participants typically pay high premiums, you can join a health benefit plan covering your household for less than $40 per month.

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Choosing the Right Health Benefit Plan for You

AmeriPlan offers three different plans. Here’s a summary of each plan so you can choose the right one for your household.

1. Deluxe Plus

Deluxe Plus is AmeriPlan’s most inclusive plan. While not a health insurance plan, Deluxe Plus gives you access to discounted telehealth services and discounts to prescription drugs, dental, vision, chiropractic, and ancillary medical services. The plan is also helpful if you ever find yourself in need of hospitalization – as advisors are available to address healthcare questions, concerns, and needs. 

2. Dental Plus

You may already have health insurance, but you lack dental coverage. If this describes your situation, the Dental Plus plan might be the best option for your household. Members of this plan have access to discounts at over 100,000 dentists across the U.S. Like all of the AmeriPlan options, there’s no paperwork to fill out, and having a preexisting condition doesn’t preclude you from this plan. Instead, you can enjoy discounts when you sign up – on exams, x-rays, root canals, orthodontist work, and more.

3. Telehealth Plus

Telemedicine is gaining in popularity. This plan option allows you to schedule a phone appointment with mental health professionals, cardiologists, OB/GYNs, pediatricians, and more. A network physician will review your medical questions, diagnose your condition, recommend treatment, and, if medically necessary, write you a prescription. Consultation costs are capped at $35 and could be lower depending on your area.

Which is the best plan for you? Talk with one of our AmeriPlan consultants to learn more.

Key Takeaways on Reducing Out-of-Pocket Costs for Healthcare

  • Medical discount plans are not the same as health insurance.
  • AmeriPlan offers three plan types.
  • Talk with an AmeriPlan consultant to learn which plan is right for you.
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