AmeriPlan gains national attention as an innovator in the healthcare industry.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as being in the news, and AmeriPlan is fortunate to have had its share of the limelight. As a pioneer in developing discounted health care plans, we are often sought after to explain our methodology and its success. AmeriPlan was featured in various business magazines and tv shows such as “Good Morning America” on ABC News, and American Medical Review. We think you’ll agree, AmeriPlan Corporation, our company and concept, will continue to be in the news!

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Your Business At Home

“Over the last few months, I’ve come to discover a corporate culture at AmeriPlan that’s different from everywhere else. Sure, there’s a teamwork, professionalism and enthusiasm for the direct sales industry. But there’s something else about AmeriPlan… well, two things, they are Dennis and Daniel Bloom.” – Deborah K. Heisz, Editor In Chief


Network Marketing Lifestyle

Duplication… it’s the Holy Grail of network marketers – and it had Dennis and Daniel Bloom stumped. The two men knew, beyond the shadow of any conceivable doubt, that they had a great product. What’s more, they had a great product at a great value, with a huge potential market. But they were facing the duplication hurdle. – John David Mann, Writer


Dallas Business Journal

Twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom knew they had a solid idea. An inexpensive plan that would offer consumers deep discounts on prices for dental work. But the business partners couldn’t find a way to market their new plan. They’d tried print advertising, direct mail, telemarketing. Nothing seemed to catch fire. Then the Blooms looked at network marketing, also known as multilevel marketing. This is the strategy that made industry giants of two other Dallas companies, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Excel Communications. – Rusty Cawley, Staff Writer