AmeriPlan Healthcare is looking for Retail Pharmacies to help us meet the needs of our ever growing member population.

AmeriPlan has made healthcare more affordable to over one million lives, most of who need prescription medication at one time or another.

As an AmeriPlan Healthcare network provider:

• You will join more than 50,000 participating pharmacies

• You will bring new cash paying customers through your doors

• Our members will find you through our website, reducing the need for money spent on advertising

• You will avoid insurance processing and reimbursement delays

AmeriPlan® Corporation welcomes your interest in joining our healthcare provider network! We look forward to partnering with you in providing quality discount dental and healthcare services to AmeriPlan® members. Upon your acceptance, you will immediately be placed on our list of national providers. Please take a few moments to complete the contact form and we’ll begin the application process for you to become a provider.

Questions? Contact us and/or have a look at our providers frequently asked questions list.

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