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What is the AmeriPlan APP

AmeriPlan APP HomepageThe main purpose of the new AmeriPlan APP is to be used as a Communication Tool.

With the APP you have quick access to all the AmeriPlan promotions, product videos, all website's and social networks links, selective eKits downloads, CORP & BC Calendars and quick AmeriPlan Corporate office emails and phone numbers.

The APP is a great communication tool that allows the Benefit Consultant to stay connected with the AmeriPlan Corporate office and other BC's by using the APP forums. Ask questions, get answers all from your cell phone, tablet or iPad.

Stay Connected to AmeriPlan Corporate with the AmeriPlan APP! You can download the FREE APP from the Apple Store for iPhone users or Google Play for Android users. The APP offers weekly Corporate Push Notifications, New Promotional Info, Product Videos and much more!

APP Cover Page

AmeriPlan APP CoverWhen you do a search for the AmeriPlan APP, make sure and look for our Design Cover with the AmeriPlan logo and Corporate APP written underneath. The cover page is your gateway into the AmeriPlan APP.

APP Homepage

Here are the nine widgets: About Us, AmeriPlan Blog, eKits, Forum, Product, Promos, Calendars, Online and Contacts. You also have access to your Settings and Share widgets.

• Our Founders
• Building Success
• AmeriPlan Mission

• AmeriPlan Jump Start Program Videos

• AmeriPlan USA Corporate Blog Link

• A selection of eKit links from the new AmeriPlan Opportunity mobile back office.

• Share Your Testimonials
• New BC Introduction
• Lets Talk Business Opportunity
• Share Your Suggestions
• Know Your product Benefits
• Connect With Dennis & Daniel

NOTE: The FORUM is a great way for new and existing BC's to ask questions, share info, engage with other BC's and communicate directly. The Ask D&D Board

• AmeriPlan Ongoing Promotional Incentives 

• AmeriPlan Corporate A Benefit Consultant Business Calendars

• AmeriPlan Social Networks Listings 10 Total

• AmeriPlan USA Corporate Blog Link

Getting Started

What do I do once I've downloaded the AmeriPlan APP?

Once you have the APP downloaded, click Open and you will get the Load In Screen with the AmeriPlan Corporate APP logo. You will be asked to set your "Notification On" for the Corporate Group Notifications. Please select OK. AmeriPlan Corporate will send out weekly Push Notifications directly to the Corporate Group. Once the screen is complete, you should now see the APP and the first six widget icons. We current have nine widgets in two sections. Maneuver each section with a fingertip swipe.

AmeriPlan Dental Plus

Create A Profile

In the upper right hand corner of the APP Homepage, click and open your settings. Now click the Profile Settings. Here you will create a personal profile. You can join with your email address or you can register with your Twitter or Facebook account. Please make sure and fill in all the necessary fields to completely have your profile settings filled. You can choose a Profile Pic and Background image too.

Apple App Store

Apple APP Store

Download the AmeriPlan APP for iPhone users directly from the Apple APP Store. Click the link and Get Connected with the AmeriPlan APP today!

Google Play

Google Play

Download the AmeriPlan APP for Android users directly from Google Play. Click the link and Get Connected with the AmeriPlan APP today!

Get it on Google Play


These Plans are NOT Insurance or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. Membership in these plans entitles you to discounts for certain medical services and prescription drugs by providers who have agreed to participate in these discount plans. These plans do NOT make payments directly to the provider of medical services and prescription drugs. The plans' members are obligated to pay for all healthcare services, but will receive a discount from those healthcare providers who have contracted with these discount plans.
The name, address and specialty of the discount medical and prescription drug program providers in your service area are available before purchase and upon request by logging on to or call the AmeriPlan® Consumer Information Center at 1-800-647-8421.
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AmeriPlan Programs are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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