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AmeriPlan Healthcare
Only $49.95 per month for your entire household.

The AmeriPlan® Healthcare program includes a robust medical discount program in addition to all the savings of Dental Plus.

1) Includes all the features of AmeriPlan Dental Plus.
2) Includes the incredible tele-medicine program - Tele-Medicine.


• No waiting period.
• No pre-authorization for treatment required.
• No paperwork.
• Instant savings.
• Specialists included (Where available).
• Most ongoing medical problems are included.
• Cosmetic surgery is included (Where available).
• No age limit.
• You can change physicians.


• Access to a Physician when you need it most.
• Around the Clock Physician Access for the entire family.
• Convenient Quality Care is only a click or a call away.

It's like having a doctor in the family.

• Call or email a physician 24/7, without long waits at the doctor's office.
• Obtain information, recommendations and prescription medication, when appropriate.
• Store and share your medical history and personal health records.
• No enrollment periods, insurance forms or denials based on preexisting conditions.

Wellness Programs:
• Life-Line Screening.
• Stop-Smoking Workshop - 40% off.

Hearing Discounts:
• A nationwide network of hearing care professionals comprised of top researchers, technology providers and patient practices
• Over 1,700 hearing centers and over 4,000 professionals are in our network
• Save 25% - 40% on hearing services
• Save 40% on hearing aids

Ancillary Services:

• Physical therapy.
• Laboratory procedures.
• Imaging centers.
• Hearing services.
• Mental health services.
• Diabetic supplies.

Hospital Advocacy:

Should you need to be hospitalized, and the anticipated charges will exceed $2,500.00, an advocate will be assigned to negotiate the best possible fees for the hospital services. There is a three business day waiting period from the active date of your membership to utilize this program.

Podiatry Services:

Foot and ankle specialists provide comprehensive management, through medical or surgical methods, of a wide variety of problems that affect foot and ankle function.

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